What are the characteristics of TPU protective film?

TPU waterproof breathable film (high, medium and low moisture permeability) Application: clothing, footwear materials, fabric fit specification: width: 54 “58” 60 “thickness: 0.015mm – 0.80mm thick, with transparent, translucent, foggy, milky white, skin color and black colors. Type: polyether, polycaprolactone Advantages: high moisture permeability, good hand feel, high water pressure resistance, good processing performance, water washing and dry cleaning resistance. The TPU waterproof breathable film is mainly made of elastomer, with good elasticity and high strength. It has physical properties incomparable with other materials in terms of waterproof properties (it can withstand water pressure above 10000 mm, and the thinnest can reach 0.012 mm); In addition to high water resistance, TPU film has excellent moisture permeability (human sweat can freely penetrate between films). Usage: It is mainly applicable to all kinds of fitting of clothing fabrics: windbreaker, raincoat, shoes, hats and gloves, cold jacket, ski gloves in the morning, gift bags, mobile phone wipers, leisure goods, sports goods, military defense and medical equipment.

Application,features of TPU opalescent film.

TPU opalescent film is a new environment-friendly material. It has most of the characteristics of rubber and ordinary plastic, and also has excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties, waterproof, breathable, and other functions. It overcomes many defects of PVC and PU leather. It has made a major breakthrough in the application of the fabric industry.

TPU opalescent film features: wear resistance, good tear resistance, good bending strength, high tensile strength, high fracture elongation, low temperature resistance, and low long-term compression deformation rate.

Application of TPU opalescent membrane: waterproof fabric composite, waterproof clothing, outdoor functional fabric, sponge composite, building waterproof, underwear accessories, shoemaking, bags, handbags, clothing, medical care, etc.